Hip Hop Bake Shop was founded in 2017 by head baker and owner, Adela Bejo.

While her path to pastry wasn’t a direct one, Adela was destined to find her way to flour and butter.

Food has always had a special place in Adela’s heart. Growing up in Albania, Adela loved how the kitchen served as a gathering place for family and friends. At age 12 her family moved and settled in Metro-Detroit; soon after Adela found herself in love once again, but this time it was with Hip Hop. She instantly connected with the beats and lyricism of the music, finding its message empowering and very real. She has many fond memories of rides to middle school listening to and learning English through albums like Dr. Dre’s 2001 and the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Hip Hop has since been a source of strength and a motivating force that has inspired and guided her along the way – shaping who she is and how she lives her life every day. Her journey to belonging has never been about choosing one culture and community over the other, but in fully immersing herself and connecting the two through her love of food and music - in being able to express herself - and for that, she is ever-grateful for the support she has found in both.

While pursuing a degree and, subsequently, a career in psychology and criminal justice, she was drawn to the art of pastry. She baked in her spare time and quickly built a community of friends who shared in her newfound passion. In an effort to pursue that passion, Adela packed up and headed to Chicago to hone her skills at Table 52 (now Blue Door Kitchen & Garden). As her skills grew and the food scene in Detroit blossomed, she knew it was time to come back and share her talent with her friends, family, and the city she had come to call home.

After a year as the Executive Pastry Chef at Grey Ghost, Adela decided it was time to focus on her own concept – a shop that brings together her affection for and commitment to baking, music, and people. The Hip Hop Bake Shop is a work in progress, much like her. It embodies the passion, hard work and gratitude of knowing where she is from and who she has become. It is an expression and extension of her, her story and a special tribute to Hip Hop.